The Manor of Freckenham


The 70th Lord of Freckenham is a public-spirited individual and supports diverse causes close to his heart. Since his collegiate days, he has been engaged in different worthwhile activities which included founding a non-profit organization that provided free technology services to students and student organizations. He was also recognized for his unorthodox efforts in Life Coaching troubled teenagers he met in the entertainment industry. Throughout his journalist career, he always had public interest in mind and continues to be a volunteer Radio Presenter for a public service radio program to this day. His visionary scope widens as he further expands his global network and offers personal time and effort towards positive ideals of varying kinds.


The Lord of Freckenham welcomes invitations to be a patron, guest speaker or participant sponsor to charitable events, causes, activities, organizations and other endevours of similar nature. The Lord will attend in-person or send his message remotely depending on his availability and location. Please note that the Lord of Freckenham travels between Southeast Asia and North America frequently. Please contact the Lord for details.


The following are his most recent patronage:

Mental health Advocacy

The 70th Lord of Freckenham was honoured to be a volunteer ambassador and patron of #MentalHealthPH, an important advocacy on mental health conditions in the Philippines. He met with Mr. Roy Dahildahil, one of the founders of MentalHealthPH to officially present his pledge of support for the organization. Mental Health is a topic often not discussed in Asian society specially among the youth. "Bipolar", "Depression" and "Suicide" are words often used but never really understood. The organization aims to make everyone understand that persons with mental health conditions need others. Mental health does not choose age, gender, race or religion, it affects everyone.

Universal Children's Day

Amb. Datu Sadja Yngson, the 70th Lord of Freckenham was invited to be a patron and inspirational speaker at the Opening Celebration of Children's Month in celebration of the 2018 Universal Children's Day by the City Government of Muntilupa, Philippines. He was also a donor in a combined effort to donate umbrellas, toys and snacks to about 500-1000 underprivileged children of Muntinlupa City.

Scholarship Presentation

As a Knight Commander of the Order of the Knights of Rizal, the sole order of knighthood in the Philippines and part of the honours and awards of the country, the 70th Lord of Freckenham presented fifteen (15) full scholarships and subsidies worth more than €4,000 Euros to the members of the Knights of Rizal - Blumentritt Chapter Marikina City led by Sir Barry Bowman KGCR and Sir James Parminter KCR. This scholarship grant will allow students from Marikina City who cannot afford a collegiate level education to study at the Asia Caribbean Open Institute and earn a European-standard degree without paying anything.

Art Exhibit for Earth Day Network

The Lord of Freckenham was invited to be a guest of honour by Ms. Khristina Manansala, a Filipino painter, at her recent art exhibit with a theme of "environmental protection". Ms. Manansala is the granddaughter of renowned cubist painter and illustrator, the late Vicente Silva Manansala, a member of the Order of National Artists of the Philippines. As a supporter of arts and culture and the preservation of the environment, the Lord of Freckenham was extremely thankful to be part of this event. He was joined by other notable guests including international R&B artist, Mr. Keith Martin. Proceeds of the exhibit will be donated to the various projects of the Earth Day Network.

International Peace Day

The Lord of Freckenham was a patron and speaker at the 2018 International Peace Day celebrations held in Dumaguete City, Philippines organized by the Southern Philippines Muslim and Non-Muslim Unity and Development Association (SPMUDA) and the Royal House of Baloi - Mindanao. He was also a guest speaker at the Consultation Meeting of the International Commission of Nobility in Mindanao - Philippines and participant patron to the donations for the Bata ng Calabnugan Orphanage (Children of Calabnugan).

Sultanate of Sulu Schools

The Lord of Freckenham is the appointed Secretary General and Royal Ambassador of the Sultanate of Sulu. As a holder of a royal office, His Royal Majesty Ampun Sultan Hadji Muedzul-Lail Tan Kiram, The 35th Sultan of Sulu and North Borneo bestowed upon him the lifetime nobility title of Datu Sadja which is equivalent to a European Duke. To help the underpriviledged children of Sulu, Datu Sadja Matthew Pajares Yngson recently provided several industrial electric fans to the students of the Mohammad Jadjurie Elementary School. In the photos below is the Lord of Freckenham with His Majesty The Sultan (in brown shirt) and Hajji Al Mohammad, Principal of the Maimbung Technical Vocational High School, another beneficiary.