The Manor of Freckenham

Freckenham Award of Merit

The Freckenham Manor Award of Merit is an international award organised in honour of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and conferred by the Lord of Freckenham to distinguished persons in recognition of their outstanding achievements.


The Manor of Freckenham in Suffolk, England, was a holy Manor for several centuries from the time King Alfred the Great gave it to the Bishops of Rochester in the 9th century. It became a noble Manor onwards when the Bishops passed it on to Sir Ralph Warren in the 16th century. Freckenham takes it name from the Saxon word frecena which means "the home of strong men or warriors". Brave souls from the Manor died during the world wars and are eternally remembered on the Freckenham War Memorial. The Lord of Freckenham at the time, Major-General Nathaniel Walter Barnardiston, was also a war hero during WW1. The tradition of honouring remarkable and noteworthy acts has been continued by the current Lord of Freckenham.


Though the Manor has existed for more than 1,100 years under different Lords, changes in the laws of the United Kingdom have affected the role of the Lord of Freckenham. The Lord once held power over people and land but as a modern heritage holder, he performs ceremonial duties in recent times. Despite this, some of his perpetual rights as a recognised feudal Lord of the Manor have not diminished and are protected by law.


There are esteemed feudal Lords who retain their important duties and functions. Among them is The Honourable Francis Dymoke who is the Queen's Champion, Standard Bearer of England and 34th Lord of the Manor of Scrivelsby. Another Lord who holds a fiefdom under Her Majesty is Major Christopher Beaumont, 23rd Seigneur of Sark in Guernsey, Channel Islands. Other Manors such as the Manor of Alcester in Warwickshire, the Manor of Taunton in Somerset, and the Manor of Bovey Tracey in Devonshire, highly regard the role of their Lord and his Manorial Court.


As stated on legal Practice Guide 22 of Her Majesty's Government used by solicitors, lawyers and conveyancers, it is declared that manors are "self-contained with its own customs and rights". These rights were outlined in the official public record published on the London Gazette confirming the Lordship of Freckenham. Continuing this legacy, Amb. Datu Matthew Pajares Yngson, the 70th Lord of Freckenham exercised his manorial prerogative in 2018 and established the Freckenham Manor Award of Merit. The establishment coincides with the Lord of Freckenham's official visit to Freckenham which was on the royal wedding day of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.


The Freckenham Award of Merit is given to notable persons in recognition of their achievements.This could be anywhere from a contribution in a family environment to accomplishments that benefit global society. The award is interdominational and nominations are open to any citizen from any country. The Lord of Freckenham awards titles of honour and assigns nominal positions in his Manorial Court to signify these achievements. He also institutes special awards where nominations may not fall in a respective criteria.


The honours are granted in accordance to the level of achievement by the nominee. They are categorized in the traditional officers of the Manorial Court with The Lord's High Steward being the top officer of the Manor. The awards are ranked as follows:


  • The Lord's High Steward
  • Grand Bailiff
  • Reeve Paladin
  • Hayward Protector
  • Constable Officer


Eligibility and Criteria for nominations are:


  • Nominee must be at least 16 years old
  • Nominee may be an individual or group
  • Nominee has done something selfless or extraordinary that positively affect others in his/her family, community, country or the world
  • A Nomination Letter may be submitted indicating the reason for the nomination (example letters)

Nominations are accepted anytime but self-nominations are not accepted.

Awardees will receive a Manorial Edict Diploma in PDF copy and printed parchment where available. Those awarded as The Lord's High Steward or Grand Bailiff will also receive a Royal Crown Lapel Chain to symbolise their award. All awardees will be publicly recorded on the London Gazette for future generations. The Gazette is an official journal of the British government and the oldest newspaper in the United Kingdom. It was first published in 1665.


"For ordinary persons and their extraordinary achievements"



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