The Manor of Freckenham

Protocol and Correspondence

As a citizen of the Republic of the Philippines and the Commonwealth of Dominica, the 70th Lord of Freckenham is permitted to use traditional and honorific titles as both countries are not monarchies and allow the non-binding use of titles of honour. Following the specific rules related to the honours, awards and titles granted upon him, the full style and manner of address of the 70th Lord of Freckenham is presented in the English language as:


His Excellency Datu Sadja Sir Matthew Pajares Yngson, Datu Sadja of Sulu, Datu of Baloi, Baron of Saint-Lyé, Lord of the Manor of Freckenham, Distinguished Companion of the Pearl of Sulu, and Knight Commander of Rizal


However, this full style and title is rarely used. 


You can address the Lord of Freckenham as follows:


H.E. Datu Sadja Matthew Pajares Yngson, Lord of Freckenham, DCPS KCR FRSA


Title Reference:


Datu Sadja - As a member of senior nobility in the Sultanate of Sulu, the style of "His Excellency" is used.

Sir - As a Knight of Rizal, a chartered chivalric Order of the Philippines, he is entitled to the use of the prefix "Sir".

Datu - There is no style used as a Datu of the Royal House of Baloi. Furthermore, the nobility title of Datu Sadja is a higher ranking title.

Lord of Freckenham - As a feudal lord, he is not a member of the peerage and cannot be addressed as "Lord (name)", instead the appellation must only be placed after the name.

Baron of Saint-Lye - This title of honour from the non-reigning Imperial House of Haiti does not grant any style but its formal use is "Monsieur le baron de Saint-Lye"

Ambassador-at-Large - As Liberland's current Ambassador-at-Large for Southeast Asia, the diplomatic honorific "His Excellency" is used.


Post-nominal Reference:


DCPS - Distinguished Companion of the Royal and Hashemite Order of the Pearl of Sulu

KCR - Knight Commander of the Order of the Knights of Rizal

FRSA - Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce



Within the various institutions he is part of and hold positions in, the Lord of Freckenham should be addressed as follows:


Royal Sultanate of Sulu - H.E. Datu Sadja Matthew Pajares Yngson, DCPS, Secretary General and Royal Ambassador

Free Republic of Liberland - H.E. Matthew Pajares Yngson, Ambassador-at-Large for Southeast Asia


Order of the Knights of Rizal - Sir Matthew Pajares Yngson, KCR, Chancellor of the Blumentritt Marikina Chapter


Royal House of Baloi - Datu Matthew Pajares Yngson, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs


Most Serene Society of Saint-Marc (Institut de la Maison Impériale d'Haïti) - Monsieur le baron de Saint-Lyé


Royal Society of St. George - Amb. Matthew Pajares Yngson, Lord of the Manor of Freckenham, FRSA, Chairman-Designate of the Manila Branch



In his professional roles, the Lord of Freckenham can be simply addressed as:


Amb. Datu Sadja Matthew Pajares Yngson, DCPS KCR FRSA

Correspondence Information

All enquiries pertaining to the Manor, the Lord, or patronage of the Lord of Freckenham to a charitable activity, cause or organization, please post your correspondence to:


Suite 3987

P.O. Box 6945
London W1A 6US
United Kingdom


or email:

For matters related to the village of Freckenham, please contact the Freckenham Parish Council Clerk:

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